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A young woman lies on an island sail talents navigation applications. In close connection with the arrival of the legendary man of God, demi-Maui. The heroine Moana Waialiki sailed on the sea, a student and a long line of past sailing, the daughter of a prince. When you need the help of his family, and the heroic plans for the road. It is also the spirit of the film and demi-gods of mythology.

Him and CG living as a high-spirited teenager took the city, and I wonder how to fulfill the mission of the company in ships, who from their ancestors, proved that he received them from the Lord, and improve the process of Wayfinder. By the way, and a strong feeling intimidated Moana-demigod Maui, and at the same time, the course of action and will pass through the sea, fiery living creatures, and it is impossible to meet the huge opportunities.

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