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Lawyer is a campaign strategy game for PC in real time that allows you to manage conflicts since the time of the Crusades. The demo version gives you a taste of the action before deciding whether möchten.Ähnlich can buy the full version of Age of Empires and Civilization game series, it’s your job to a guard for the safety of his army in the Middle East to ensure during First, second and third Crusade. This means Muslim army, as well as the resolution of the conflict between his own people to keep individuals Kreuzfahrerstaaten zurück.Sie accomplish the task by sources Boll and building forts in the city to gain control. Also, you are going to campaign in areas such as Nicea, Antioch and Jerusalem, and there is even a game features the Crusader Trail called, consists of a series of 50 missions, they are all connected to each other and the case against a wide variety of different Gegner.Bollwerk is interesting for its variety of characters, from historical values ​​as Richard Lionheart in the fictional creations such as a mouse, a child who is raised arm, but then inherit land and money. The characters have their own backstory on the bastion that make the game a little more interesting, dient.Leider Boll bad graphics compared to other PC games currently on the market. Gameplay can be repeated for a long time gespielt.Wenn a history buff or just enjoy cross campaign historically themed PC games, try taking Boll.

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