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Netflix is ​​an application for video streaming that allows access to a huge library of movies and event services for TV.Netflix has a User Interface modern Windows application for Windows 8, with a nice interface. From the home screen, has three recent videos viewed and its instant glue. Swipe left and you will see a video about the proposed popular Netflix, and video content is divided by genre.Semuanya look flexible and videos look great. The controls are large and easy to navigate, especially with the pressure, even if the application works well with a mouse and keyboard. All the interface does not stray too far from the site of Netflix and other applications. Movies and TV shows are lined up in a box with a miniature of a movie or show seni.Netflix guard their place when pause or close the application, and can continue to watch from Netflix compatible device. This is great if you want to see the transition to see in your tablet lebar.Neflix screen also supports multitasking Windows 8. You can download the application Netflix buttons on both sides of the screen to continue watching a video on a small screen while using other applications. Alternatively, you can have an application like Netflix and other applications of large band pin multitasking with Netflix in a big window. The entire application can be used even Netflix ini.Secara multitasking so short, Netflix brings great movies and TV watching experience for Windows 8 and 10.

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